COVID-19 Game Room Closure Notice

March 24, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – March 25, 2020 @ 6:00 am America/Chicago Timezone
1215 S. 180th St.
NE US 68130


On Friday I announced that we were not closing our gaming tables but were closely monitoring the Coronavirus outbreak situation and would make adjustments as needed. When I made that statement I had two metrics for when to decide to suspend our in-store game and hobby activities. Those two metrics were 1: Confirmed community spread of the virus in the Omaha area, and 2: When the majority of other game stores in Omaha closed their game rooms. Both of those conditions have now been met.

We are joining Dragon’s Lair, The Game Shoppe, and Krypton Gaming in temporarily suspending our in-store events effective tomorrow Monday March 16th. There is a sizable gaming community in Omaha but it is still a relatively close-knit community and what affects one store’s community can affect the others as well and we feel we owe it to our gamers and the gamers we share with the other stores in Omaha to maximize our efforts to protect the Omaha gaming community’s health and safety.

This will be a temporary suspension. Currently we will keep the gaming tables closed until Friday April 3rd. This may change at any time and we will keep you updated in the event the suspension is extended or hopefully lifted early if this current crisis passes sooner than expected.

This suspension will also affect other activities and aspects of our business. We are canceling our March Paint Competition. Don’t worry if you’ve been working on your Women of Power minis because we are moving ”The Most Powerful Women in the Universe” event to our May paint competition. April “Wargaming Parade of Homes” contest is currently still scheduled for mid-April.

Our next Geek Academy Learn to Paint class will be postponed until in-store activities resume. We will announce new dates at a later date after we have a chance to discuss scheduling with our Instructor Clayton.

We are also altering our business hours temporarily. As long as in-store gaming is suspended, so are our extended Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday hours. Our hours will be Noon-9pm Mon. thru Sat. and Noon-5pm on Sundays.

We will continue our increased efforts to sanitize and disinfect the interior surfaces of the store to help minimize the risk to our customers. We will also continue to monitor the situation closely and make changes and adjustments as necessary to protect our community. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us anytime during normal business hours.

Remember the best way to protect yourself is simply by thoroughly washing your hands, avoid touching your face, covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough and closely following legitimate sources of news and information about the spread of the virus.

Stay safe and healthy everyone and remember Dungeons & Dragons, Magic, Pokemon, Warhammer 40k have all been in existence for decades and a two week break won’t make those games suddenly disappear or become unpopular. We’ll be here waiting for you when this outbreak crisis is over.


Jason Kopecky
The Geek Room Hobbies & Games