Welcome to The Geek Room Hobbies & Games Blog


Welcome to The Geek Room Hobbies & Games blog. We are still super busy trying to put together an awesome new game store for you in West Omaha, so I’ll keep this brief.
Keep an eye out here for important news and information about The Geek Room. This blog is where you’ll be able to find all the latest news on important new releases, upcoming sales and special events. From time to time we’ll also have other posts our customers and the local gaming community might find interesting such as game recommendations from our staff, or non-gaming related geekery news.

We’ll keep you updated as we get closer to our big grand opening this fall, including more info on our big “Roll To Save” opening weekend sale, and our exclusive demo for Wreck Age a post apocalyptic tabletop skirmish game that is currently only available in Omaha at The Geek Room.

Watch This Space.

-Jason Kopecky
Proprietor, The Geek Room Hobbies & Games.

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