Limited in-store gaming

We understand that the last couple of months have been difficult for all of us and we wanted to thank everyone for their continued understanding and support during this crisis. We also understand people’s anticipation of the world returning to normal. As Nebraska enters Phase III of reopening we have gotten many inquiries as to when we are reopening our gaming space. If you saw our recent trailer on Facebook you probably already know we will be allowing LIMITED in-store gaming beginning on Saturday June 27th 2020.

We are committed to the health and safety of our customers, gamers, and the Omaha community. We have spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out the best way to reopen our gaming space in the safest way possible. Because COVID-19 is still a risk to public health and safety; gaming at The Geek Room will look considerably different than it has in the past. These new policies have been put in place to keep everyone as safe as possible and to comply with the state and county issued Directed Health Measures. We thank everyone in advance for their understanding, cooperation, and compliance with all of these new guidelines. Hopefully as the world returns to normal we will be able to loosen the rules but please be aware that if the situation in the Omaha area takes a turn for the worse or in the unlikely event that compliance becomes a problem we will not hesitate to reclose our gaming space out of concerns for everyone’s safety.

Effective Saturday June 27th 2020:

1. Hours Available:
We will still be on our restricted hours for the time being. As restrictions continue to lift we will eventually return to our regular hours. However, Late night gaming will not return until the pandemic has completely passed and we are able to reopen our game space fully.

2. No In-Store Gaming on Mondays or Tuesdays:
This is so that customers who may be or have a family member that is immunocompromised can shop without the worry of a large group of gamers being in the store. (Similar to early hours at grocery stores now.)

3. No “Public” Games:
Open Gaming, Demos, Tournaments, Leagues, and Organized Play are still not allowed. We are only allowing closed pre-arranged individual groups to game in-store at this time. This is to keep the games limited to players who know each other and have made arrangements in advance to game together.

4. In-Store Gaming By Appointment Only:
We cannot allow drop-in gaming at this time. In order to schedule games to conform with state and county occupancy directives we are requiring gamers to reserve their tables in advance. Same day appointments may be available but cannot be guaranteed, so it’s best to make your reservations well in advance.

5. Game Reservations are only available for the current week and following week:
We are currently accepting appointments for June 27th – Sunday July 12th only (please be aware we will be closed Saturday July 4th.) You will be able to schedule games for July 15-19 next Monday (June 29). Each subsequent Monday we will open the new week for appointments.

6. Game Appointment Duration:
You will be able to reserve a single table for a maximum of 4 hours once per day. This applies to all gamers participating. Meaning you won’t be able to schedule a game at noon and then participate in a game at 4.

7. Late/Long/Missed Appointments:
Because we may have to turn away other groups when our tables are fully booked any missed appointment may jeopardize your ability to reserve tables in the future. Also please remember that there may be a group waiting for the table after you and we need time to sanitize tables and chairs between groups. So any game that starts late will still be required to stop at the end of the reserved time. Please be aware of the time you have left and pack up in a timely fashion.

8. Available Tables:
To keep games and players within social distancing guidelines we will only have a maximum of 2 Wargaming Tables and 2 sit-down tables available at any one time. We will expand the number of tables available as restrictions continue to ease.

9. Group Size:
Wargaming tables are restricted to a maximum of 2 players. Sit down tables are currently restricted to 6 players but we expect to be able to increase that limit to 8 players on July 1st. These restrictions are to keep us within occupancy guidelines while still allowing customers to come in and shop.

We have strongly encouraged, but not required face coverings to shop. However due to the length of time being in the store and amount of talking that is inherent in gaming we will ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE ALL GAMERS TO FULLY AND PROPERLY WEAR PROTECTIVE FACE COVERINGS WHILE IN THE STORE. We do have disposable surgical masks available for use at the counter. This policy will be STRICTLY enforced.

11. Social Distancing Guidelines:
a. We have moved the tables to ensure 6 feet of distance between each table and between the tables and the sales walls and counter. We have also increased the size of our sit-down tables to allow for greater spacing between players while seated.
b. Personal belongings or gaming equipment must be stored under the table you are using. We cannot allow you to store cases, bags, plastic tubs, etc. on other tables, in common use areas, behind the counter, or in the terrain closet.
c. We have soap available for hand washing in both restrooms and hand sanitizer available on the counter. We strongly encourage all gamers to please be sure to sanitize their hands as needed. Please remember to cover your mouth and nose if you have to sneeze or cough and practice good hygiene. And as always if you recently have been or currently are sick we ask that you reschedule or not participate in your game.

12. Registration and Acknowledgement:
We are asking everyone who games in-store to register with the counter the first time they game and initial an acknowledgement of these rules. We are also asking for each appointment to list all participants. This is so we have a record of who gamed together in-store and when so that in the unlikely event that there is a COVID-19 exposure confirmed in-store we can notify other gamers who may have also been exposed. Personal information collected during registration will be used only for this purpose. Your personal info may be shared with the Douglas County Health Department if needed for the purpose of contact tracing. Your personal information will never be used by us or shared with any other outside party for any other use (no worries about spam marketing, trust us Jason thinks this kind of thing is a crime against humanity.)

13. Age Restrictions:
a. Games are restricted to persons age 14 and up.
b. Gamers under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian come in and sign a permission slip BEFORE they will be allowed to participate in any in-store games.
c. Because of the increased risk of exposure that comes with re-opening gaming we ask that parents not bring any child under 2 years of age into the store to shop Wed-Sun.
d. We also cannot allow any children not participating in a game to be in the store waiting while their family member is gaming.

14. Bad Behavior:
a. We reserve the right to ask any group to leave the store if any participant fails to comply with these rules, or for any other inappropriate behavior that puts our staff, customers, or other gamers at an unacceptably increased risk to their health and safety. Repeated problems may result in gamers or groups being restricted from making future appointments.

We know this is a lot of new rules and guidelines, but unfortunately they are needed at this time to allow us to reopen our game space in any way. Based on our past experiences with the fantastic community of gamers we’ve had in-store we don’t anticipate any problems with folks following these guidelines. We want everyone to have as safe, stress-free, and fun of a gaming experience as possible. Again, thank you all in advance for your understanding with these new temporary rules. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by phone at 402.933.6080 or through a private message on Facebook.

See You All Soon,

Jason and Missie Kopecky
Owners, The Geek Room Hobbies & Games

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