Pathfinder 2E: Equal Exchanges: Skymetal Hoard

April 12, 2024 @ 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm America/Chicago Timezone

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This is an adventure for Character Levels 5-8

As part of the secret agreement between the underworld dragon Valashinaz and the Waterfall, a group of Pathfinders is sent to a small island off of Minata to gather a collection of skymetals from an abandoned temple to Valashinaz. As the temple was abandoned ages ago, the island should be uninhabited, however the Pathfinders quickly discover this isn't so and someone has made their home on the island. The Pathfinders will need to dodge these new inhabitants while collecting the treasure, all while also making sure to avoid Valashinaz's beloved pet squishies. Those akatas have one rough bite...

This adventure is the second part of the four-part Equal Exchanges metaplot arc in the Year of Unfettered Exploration.